The Student Gift Program is a unique opportunity to work with your local Pro Line authorized Bladesmith to provide a quality professional grade tool to your graduating students at very affordable price.

One of the most unique aspects to this program is the engraving of each scissor with the student’s name. We find this is greatly received by the parents, who are often the actual purchasers of these fine gift kits. As parents they know it’s better to tag an identity to valuable items.

We will provide your school with a customized mailer for you to send to your students making them aware of these fine graduation gifts. We have created a self contained package with the full selection of samples for your students to use. These samples are provided because as you know scissors are a very personal item, their fit and feel is important. By providing access to these samples before purchasing their personalized scissors, we hope that your students will find the right style and size to start their new career.

Pro Line hopes you will work with our representative and introduce these fine items to your students.  Please call 704-310-6422 or fill out the form below and submit to receive password for more details.

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