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Pro Line Ltd. was created in 2005 by Joe Coladarci to provide the grooming, beauty and barber industry with fine professional tools at an affordable price.  To accomplish this, we at Pro Line have developed a core of professional sharpeners to distrubute our products directly to their sharpening customers.  This method of direct sales gives our distributors the opportunity to pass along these fine tools without the added cost of a national advertising campaign.
We feel that giving the stylist the chance to sample an array of scissors right in their salon, while their present tools are being serviced, they will make an informed choice that our sharpeners can service for years to come.
Pro Line invites all professional sharpeners to call and recieve the password that will open up an opportunity to increase your bottom line while providing a truely good value to your customer.
call Joe @ 704-310-6422

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